Promoting Literacy, Creating Potential™

Board Members of the South Sound Reading Foundation These are the professionals who generously donate their time and experience to help further our mission.

Executive Board

Dr. Bridget Sipher, Co-President

Caprice Paduano, Past President

SPSCC Professor of Early Learning and Education

Genevieve Canceko Chan, Vice President

Mary Ellen Jones, Secretary

Brenna English Interim Treasurer

Griffin School Board Member


Jim Justin

Government Relations Consulting INC

Stefan Lee

Greene Realty

Rob McDermott

CEO, Blucadia

Tanya Murray

Craig Ottavelli


Susan Poplack

Retired Teacher

Cynthia Pratt

Carol Wintercorn

Teacher & Librarian (retired)

Dick Pust

Board Member Emeritus, Media Partner, FTEmag and MIXX 96